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Mother Child Care Hospital

Janisthaa has been associated with fertility solutions for years, and our multispeciality hospital expands on that to provide comprehensive mother and child care services. Our services extend from everything a mother and child need, from the pre-pregnancy state and pregnancy to the neonatal and postpartum period. Our facilities are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide comfort and care for the mother and child. 

As a child and mother care hospital,  our services focus on various maternity services, including high-risk and routine pregnancies, preconception counselling, antenatal and postpartum care, family planning services, etc. We also offer all infertility screening and treatment, all endoscopic gynecologic surgeries, and all gynaecological cancer screening and treatment.

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Mother & Child Care Services

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Painless normal delivery

Painless Normal Delivery

At Janisthaa Hospital, we focus on making the delivery process as comfortable as possible. We specialise in Painless Normal Delivery, where the child is delivered vaginally but with minimum pain and discomfort, making it a better experience for the mother and child.

Caesarean delivery

Caesarean Delivery

As one of the most common procedures, we focus on making it as simple as possible, making the recovery period easier for the mother. Our skilled surgeons are experts at Caesarean delivery, thus sending the mother home in perfect health as soon as possible. 

High-risk Pregnancy

High-risk Pregnancy

At Janisthaa, we focus on providing exceptional care to high-risk pregnancies. It is considered a high-risk pregnancy if the mother is of advanced age, has lifestyle choices like alcoholism or cigarette smoking, has health issues, if the pregnancy has complications, there are multiple pregnancies or if the mother has a pregnancy history that puts this one at risk.



The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or NICU at the Janisthaa Hospital is a specialised care unit for newborn babies. We have a fully equipped NICU with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified doctors and nurses to provide unwavering attention to your newborn baby.

Child vaccination

Child Vaccination

At Janisthaa, we provide high-quality vaccination for your newborn and growing child. We believe in the timely prevention of potentially life-threatening diseases using vaccination that has been tried and tested. We provide a comprehensive chart for vaccination so that you do not miss an appointment.

Janisthaa is a leading mother and child care hospital that provides the best facilities for new mothers and children. It has one of the best gynaecological facilities. Our gynaecologists are highly qualified with years of experience, leading teams of equally experienced nurses. The gynaecological facilities We care for a woman’s health with utmost care and devotion. We offer an extensive range of reproductive and sexual health services to treat uterine disorders like ovarian cysts, infertility, endometriosis, pelvic pain, cancer screenings, and pap tests.
Janisthaa is a leading provider of world-class obstetrics care with our advanced technology and facilities designed to put the mother and child at ease. We take care of everything from preconception, pregnancy, and childbirth to the first several weeks of postpartum. Our focus is on maintaining the health of the mother and child throughout the process. We handle complications in pregnancy, monitor the health and treat the mother and child postpartum. It is our responsibility to make sure you leave us hale and hearty.
Janisthaa Hospital is a leading mother and child care hospital. We focus on having a holistic approach to treating the mother and child. We have a fully decked emergency facility ready for any situation. We have a modular operating theatre with highly advanced equipment and technology. We also have an ICU and NICU to provide intensive and critical care. Our diagnostics and laboratories function around the clock to provide accurate test results. These facilities ensure that you and your baby get the best treatment.
Women often put others before themselves, giving up their time to look after themselves. More often than, women’s issues are due to late diagnosis or even negligence. At Janisthaa, we intend to remedy this and give back to women for whatever they have been giving to us throughout time. We provide comprehensive health checkups and diagnostics. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic centres function around the clock to give precise results. We offer packages and whole-body checkups at the most affordable rates intended for women.
Janisthaa is one of the best child and mother care hospitals and IVF centres. It is known for its use of advanced technology and equipment. It is equipped with a range of equipment required for OB/GYN departments, like Foetal monitors, Portable Ultrasounds and Dopplers, LED lighting, and Specialty OB/GYN procedure tables. Other speciality equipment include electrosurgical units, portable anesthesia machines, diagnostic equipment, portable vital signs monitor, autoclaves, lab centrifuges etc.
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Our Facilities


A good hospital should have an excellent ICU and NICU. Janisthaa has one of the best NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Units for newborn babies and ICU or Intensive care units for adults. It has the most advanced instruments to aid in the critical care of needy patients.

24/7 Laboratory

Illnesses must be diagnosed soon to provide the aptest treatment. Only then can it be contained. A 24/7 laboratory provides all the tests at the fastest possible turnaround and with sharp precision. Janisthaa has a laboratory that functions 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Postnatal care or cares given after birth is vital to both the mother and child because birthing is physically demanding and drains both the mother and child. The child requires careful monitoring as it adjusts to the new world. The new mother also needs medical care to recover entirely from delivery.
It is essential to stay safe during pregnancy. This is because the mother and child are most vulnerable during this time. The mother is more susceptible to diseases due to a lowered immunity. It is suggested that mothers avoid alcohol, cigarette smoke, toxic fumes, excess caffeine and auto accidents entirely during this time.
A pregnancy can manifest different symptoms in different women. However, some common symptoms in most women include morning sickness, heartburn, nausea, constipation, backache, and swelling. Some symptoms that are not as common include varicose veins, insomnia, depression and faintness. Women are advised to seek medical attention for the symptoms.
There are many signs that one needs to look out for during pregnancy. They are advised to seek medical attention if any of these occur. If there is a sudden swelling, bleeding, leaking or gushing fluid, fever, pain or burning on urination, or premature labour pains, the woman should be rushed to the ER.
Pregnant women must be aware of the signs of premature labour. If it happens, it has to be reported as soon as possible, and the woman is taken to the ER immediately. These signs include regular contractions without rest, pressure on the pelvic floor, abdominal cramps with/without diarrhoea, low & dull backache, and blood or watery liquid leaking from the vagina.
If you are looking for “the best mother and child care hospital near me”, your search ends with Janisthaa. Janisthaa has the best facilities to treat new mothers and newborn children. We provide holistic healthcare services to nurture the mother and child to good health and provide postpartum and neonatal care at the most advanced levels.
Find your way to Good Health with Janisthaa Hospital.