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Dermatology is the study of skin, and there are as many skin issues as there are people. While there is a whole spectrum of symptomatic medical issues like eczema, psoriasis, infections etc., there are also skin issues purely for aesthetic reasons like pigmentation, wrinkles, dark spots etc.

Janisthaa Hospital has a well-equipped dermatology department headed by renowned dermatologists. We provide detailed counselling, skin biopsies, personalised treatment plans etc., depending on your skin condition and the diagnosis. Our mission is to give you healthy, flawless skin that brings out your true beauty.

Dermatology Services

Acne Treatment

Acne Management

Acne is a common skin condition that results in severe pimple breakouts in the face. It occurs when the hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. It is commonly seen in young adults and teenagers. It affects the health of the skin and the confidence of the person.

Pigmentation and Beauty Treatment

Pigmentation Reduction

Pigmentation is a common condition in most people. The excess production of melanin in the skin gives the skin a dark appearance. If you wish to reduce the pigmentation of your skin, we provide advanced treatments that are safe and attested by our dermatologists.

Facial Treatment at Janisthaa Hospitals

Skin Peels

A skin peel or chemical peel is an intensive skin treatment where active extracts are used to encourage the removal of the dull and damaged outer layer of the skin. It brings out new skin which is healthy, clear and free of blemishes. Skin peels are a safe and effective treatment to make skin look healthy and beautiful.

Antiaging and Rhinoplasty


Ageing of the skin is inevitable. But one can always slow it down with healthy habits and medical intervention. Get yourself to age gracefully with the different procedures Janisthaa Hospital offers. Our doctors provide excellent counsel on what is best and most effective for your skin at your age.

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Derma Fillers

Is dull and wrinkling skin giving you concern? Not anymore. Janisthaa offers advanced dermal filler solutions to give your skin a youthful glow. Derma fillers are safe and are injected under the skin to increase the skin’s volume. It brings back the bounce to your skin.

Laser Surgery at Janisthaa Hospitals

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

This advanced skin treatment can improve your skin’s texture and appearance. It is an injection administered to your skin to smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

Hair Transplant at Janisthaa Hospitals

Hair Transplantation (HT)

It is natural to lose or have a lower hair thickness. If you want to enhance the look of your hair, hair transplantation is the best way. You can trust the expert dermatologists at Janisthaa Hospital to help you regain the beautiful mane that you had. You won’t even know the difference.

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LASER Hair Reduction

LASER Hair Reduction is a popular and safe way to remove unwanted hair from the body. This treatment delays hair growth and clears the area for a long time. It can be done for the upper lip, underarm, bikini line, chin etc. Our dermatologists are experts at handling this high-tech hair removal.

Symptoms & Causes

There are several types of skin conditions, with each of them having its symptoms. Unlike other illnesses, skin conditions are externally visible. Although some conditions can cause internal disturbances as well. The symptoms of skin conditions can be:

Irritants, allergies, genetic makeup, immune system problems, and certain diseases can cause these. There must be a proper diagnosis to treat a skin condition first. With the help of our dermatology specialists, you can have healthy and beautiful skin.

Types of Skin Conditions

If you are suffering from a skin condition, your doctor will first make a diagnosis to determine what the skin condition is. The most common skin conditions are

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acne is usually caused due to hormonal changes. It is usually seen in young adults. In certain cases, it may persist into early adulthood as well. It can be effectively treated. Seeking medical attention at the earliest possible makes sure that it does not leave any permanent scars on your face.
Dark spots and pigmentation are commonly seen in Indian skin. Our predisposition to pigmentation makes it easy for our skin to turn pigmented with exposure to sunlight, acne, or certain skin conditions. Dark spots and pigmentation can be reduced with the help of a dermatologist. Procedures like skin peels, microdermabrasion, PRP and glutathione injections are effective treatments for pigmentation.
Skin can wrinkle with ageing. It can be aggravated with excess exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. There are several treatments in dermatology that can help you smooth out wrinkles. These include microdermabrasion, BOTOX, Derma fillers, PRP, Skin peels etc. An expert dermatologist like our dermatologists at Janisthaa can only administer these.
LASER hair removal is a treatment by which pulses of LASER beams are used to target areas with unwanted hair. It burns the hair follicles from the root of the hair. It is not a permanent procedure. However, it does delay the growth of the hair right after the treatment. You would have to do multiple sessions of LASER hair removal for effective removal.
Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women. It may be caused due to age, stress, bad hair habits, hygiene, or genetics. Losing your mane can be distressing. Permanent hair transplantation is a great way to make your crown look fuller and thicker. This involves taking hair from thicker sections and transplanting it to thinner sections.

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